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We don’t think you should have to choose one benefit at the cost of another. By addressing your film packaging needs on an individual basis, we can accommodate all of your specifications.

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Consistent seal and strength

Rely on order repeatability.

Clearer, brighter film

Showcase product quality.

Customized solutions

Get tailor-made film for your specifications.

Improved carbon footprint

Boast packaging with sustainable resins.

Gained efficiencies

Save money and time.

Continuous supply

Stock your film at our site.

Safety first

Protect your reputation and bottom line.

Years of experience

Be confident about who you’re working with.

The route to plant safety
The route to plant safety

In a car accident, who is at fault? What about a plant accident? We are all responsible for safety both on the road and in the plant. Victor Amine, an Inteplast veteran and trained car instructor, takes us through how accidents happen, and how we can work together to prevent them.

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