Mail and Security Bags

Courier Envelopes

With security and opacity in mind, our custom courier envelope films are engineered and manufactured on multilayer film lines to optimize all properties. Films are available in various colour combinations, including silver and white. They also come in various finishes, such as gloss, matte and paper.

Coin and Cash Bag

Ranging from 4.5 mil to 6 mil in gauge, these films are specialty formulated to meet the needs of the banking, financial and security industries. Their five-layer structure allows for a tough outside layer, a stiff middle layer and a low-temperature sealant inside layer.

Postal Bags

Made to meet the stringent specifications of the United States Postal Service (USPS), these films are guaranteed to feature the required modulus and Coefficient of Friction (CoF) required to process through high-speed collators and wrappers.

Can your packaging do this?
Can your packaging do this?

Corporate Vice President, Mark Lichtblau demonstrates some of the many quality assurance tests our film has to pass to meet international standards.

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