Food & Beverage

Freezer-grade Films

Built to withstand the extreme cold from commercial and residential freezers, these films can be designed for form and fill applications where sealing is a concern. Freezer-grade films are typically available in clear or white and product use ranges from frozen vegetables to ice bag film.

Stand-up Pouches

Superior roll geometry, blend formulation and processing ensures our films have consistent characteristics from lamination to various substrates, such as foil, nylon or PE. Blends can be designed to meet specific lamination and converting properties.

Bread & Bakery Films

Available in gauges that start at 0.45 mil, our bakery films feature high clarity, gloss and excellent converting characteristics. Films can be designed to improve oxygen transmission rates. LLDPE and HDPE formulations are available in custom roll widths and roll diameters.

Produce Films

Engineered for a variety of fruits and vegetables, these films have both controlled Oxygen Transition Rates (OTR) and Moisture Transition Rates (MTR). Superior product blending and gauge uniformity ensure film consistency and packaging integrity.

Retort Packaging

For high-temperature applications, such as boil-in-bag, these films are designed to withstand extreme cold and heat.


Using a selection of high-performance specialty resins, our process engineers are able to design film for unique and technically challenging packaging requirements.

Form, Fill and Seal

From portion packaging to frozen food packaging, our form, fill and seal technology is engineered for all slip levels, including differential slip and low-temperature seal initiation.
Laminated films are available, as are unprinted and printed films.

Layers of benefits
Layers of benefits

Corporate Vice President, Mark Lichtblau explains how multi-layer films deliver a competitive edge.

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