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Engineered plastics pick Washington pears to highlight compostable labels

Maximum separation. It's a visionary concept where all labels, including those adorning cans, produce, plastic containers and more, are completely compostable. For plastics engineers, it was an entire shipment of spoiled fruit ending up in a landfill due to non-compostable stickers that sparked this ideal, and helped them realize there might be a better way.

What’s new in plastics for 2016

Find out what's up next in consumer trends, plastic innovations and how you can revolutionize your multi-layered flex packaging recycling programs.
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Haremar gets 99.79% IFS score for 2015

When you think about food safety, you might not be thinking about the effort that goes into keeping its packaging safe and clean.

Sticking to innovation

The packaging industry can become leaders in the fight against food waste. Nirav Desai explains.

Nirav Desai Talks Print-Ready Packaging

Great packaging design is more than meets the eye. Nirav Desai tells us why in this month’s Flexible Packaging.
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Walking the thin line (Part II): Bringing down the gauge

Wondering whether the film you use could get any thinner? Yes. It probably could.

Walking the thin line: A product innovation update

Our latest blog series: We follow the story of our thin-gauge film—from development and adaptation, to market implementation.

From “Eco-Villain” to Eco-Victor

When coffee manufacturers introduced single-serve coffee pods, they weren’t bargaining for national news coverage and contentious debates.

Announcing Inteplast’s acquisition of Haremar

We are proud to announce that, as of March 2, 2015, Inteplast Bags and Films Corporation (a division of Inteplast Group) will acquire Haremar Plastic Manufacturing.

Gourmet pizza, extra performance, please!

Our client asked for a high performance, high quality film to cover frozen pizza and we delivered.

IFS gives Haremar a 98.61% score

We're proud to share the results of our IFS audit.
Why cutting-edge manufacturing technology matters for your packaging
Why cutting-edge manufacturing technology matters for your packaging

Corporate VP Mark Lichtblau explains how state-of-the-art machinery improves the quality and performance of your film.

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