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Engineered plastics pick Washington pears to highlight compostable labels

Maximum separation. It's a visionary concept where all labels, including those adorning cans, produce, plastic containers and more, are completely compostable. For plastics engineers, it was an entire shipment of spoiled fruit ending up in a landfill due to non-compostable stickers that sparked this ideal, and helped them realize there might be a better way.

Transformative biodegradable packaging: A story of customer collaboration

Customers often come to us with challenges. We listen and work with them to find solutions.
Snack Pak

All seal failures are not created equal

Modern heat seal/hot tack (HS/HT) testers mean operators are free to manipulate any and every processing condition available on sealing lines

Have you considered using biodegradable polymers in
your packaging?

At Haremar, we’ve been using polymers like Ecoflex® and Ecovio® to create innovative biodegradable packaging for our clients.

Haremar wins 2014 Innovator of the Year

Every year, the Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA) presents five awards to recognize outstanding individuals and companies for their commitment and dedication to the ongoing success of the plastics industry.
stand up pouch

Stand-up pouches continue to impress

Stand-up pouches have marketing, sustainability and functional advantages over other alternative packaging.

Sustainability-driven innovation in flexible packaging

Catch the latest Haremar article in Flexible Packaging magazine.
Customer complaints - specialty films

How close to perfect is your film supplier?

In 2010, Haremar set a goal based on quality output. Our target rate of film returns—calculated as a percentage of total sales — was 0.5%.
Lettuce keep your produce fresher, longer.

Lettuce keep your produce fresher, longer.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) will ensure that your produce is as fresh as possible for as long as possible.
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Haremar gets an A+ on IFS/HACCP audit

This past December, we received our preliminary IFS/HACCP Audit Score. It's the highest we have ever received.

Back to School: Let’s reduce the environmental impact of the lunch box

Haremar Blog – September 2013
Do you have film that meets your unique specs?
Do you have film that meets your unique specs?

Cheryl Babcock, VP Operations, explains how you can get a customized film packaging solution.

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Request Customized Film Solution

Interested in what our film can do for your applications?

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