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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Compostable Film


Think you know everything there is to know about compostable film? Check out these five facts to test your knowledge - we bet there's something in here that will surprise you.

1. It powers peanuts (and closed-loop systems)

BASF's remarkable ecovio® compostable film resin – a product Haremar proudly sources – is the cornerstone of a two-year partnership with the Seattle Mariners baseball club. The club has worked with BASF to both help it achieve its zero-waste goals and to promote sustainability to Seattle citizens. The baseball stadium offers an ideal example of how compostable film can power a closed-loop system: by working with BASF to ensure most of its food service items are compostable, it has reduced its waste-to-landfill to just 19%. The rest is diverted to composting and recycling facilities. Find out more about BASF ecovio and closed-loop systems here.

2. It comes in custom colours

A green tint is often used to associate products with their sustainable properties, but not all compostable film needs to be translucent green or grey in colour. More sophisticated film suppliers can offer compostable film in a variety of colours or even in a two-colour co-extrusion, helping laminators, converters and consumer packaged goods companies meet their brand, shelf-appeal and corporate social responsibility goals. Find out more by contacting us.

3. It can be used in multi-layer films

One way to maximize packaging performance while helping customers meet their sustainability goals is to include compostable films in multi-layer products. This can help customers achieve their sustainability goals without compromising performance. For example, a five-layer film could embody a glossy, high-impact skin layer with recycled and/or compostable resins in the interior layers. Read more about multi-layer films here.

4. It can be used for more than just bags

Although its most common consumer application is in bags, compostable film can be formulated at the film stage for a variety of applications, including: courier bags, shrink applications and mulch film. Ask your film supplier about possible applications if you are interested in expanding your portfolio of available compostable products.

5. It contributes to the value chain

Unlike regular waste, which costs money to send to landfill, products made of compostable film actually contribute to the value chain because the resulting dirt can be sold for agriculture or landscaping purposes. So although compostable films may cost more than traditional polyethylene films, those costs have the possibility of being at least partially recouped, meeting both cost and waste-reduction strategies.

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Haremar's 100% compostable films are made using a petro-chemical-based polyester and corn-based polylactic acid. All of our compostable resins are certified in North America by BPI and BNQ. Our compostable products also adhere to the EN 12432 standard

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