We're proud to share the results of our IFS audit.

IFS gives Haremar a 98.61% score

You probably know that one indicator of good health is a body temperature is 98.6°F. We hope it works the same way for food safety audits, because Haremar just received a score of 98.61% from the International Featured Standards (IFS).

It’s the highest score we’ve ever received—and with a standard that exceeds GFSI benchmark!

We are very proud of this team-enabled accomplishment. It demonstrates continuous improvement and solid buy-in from everyone—from senior management through to the rest of the company. It also tells our customers that we know they put great of time, money and effort into food safety, and so does Haremar.

Add up monthly internal audits; infrastructure maintenance; random tests off the line; mock recalls; resources to improve processes; and the ability to trace films back to the machine and resins—and there’s a huge time and financial investment that goes into our commitment to food safety.

Here’s an excerpt from our 2014 IFS report:

“The audit was two days long. There was good involvement from all the Haremar staff including the VP Operations for the entire audit… The plant is in excellent condition. Housekeeping is very good throughout. The bubble extruders are well maintained with routine attention to cleaning. There is a strong commitment to the IFS program. Although the garbage lines are not part of the audit the same food safety policies are maintained in these areas. There is a commitment to continuous improvement and training as needed…” —IFS PACsecure Auditor

To learn more about the IFS, visit the website.

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