Great packaging design is more than meets the eye. Nirav Desai tells us why in this month’s Flexible Packaging.

Nirav Desai Talks Print-Ready Packaging


We all know packaging is a part of the buying experience! Companies continue to invest in upping the design ante—just check out this latest wave of innovative packaging designs to draw consumers in and nail that coveted brand recognition.

But it takes more than a splash of high-quality ink to get these designs printed properly onto film.

Nirav Desai, Director of Operations at Inteplast Bags and Film, Haremar Division, dives into what it takes to get the best, print-ready film packaging for your application in the latest issue of Flexible Packaging.

From using better ingredients, cutting-edge technology, optimized film processes, and getting the most out of multilayer film—Nirav discusses the many ways to process higher-quality film for printing, while keeping the costs under control. Nirav’s strategies make sure that striking designs can stand out on the shelf among dozens of other products—ensuring they won’t fall flat aesthetically, and providing long-lasting, quality packaging created to suit your product needs.

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