Find out what's up next in consumer trends, plastic innovations and how you can revolutionize your multi-layered flex packaging recycling programs.

What’s new in plastics for 2016

Innovation in plastic

Origami   Chinese scientists have developed a shape memory polymer to morph plastic into different shapes with a simple temperature change. In this video, a flat polymer folds into origami, without using a mold.
Standup pouch   Keeping food fresh is a priority for an increasingly health-conscious North America. Innovations in re-sealable packaging are more accessible and more effective. Consumers are looking for more in their flexible packaging. They want functionality along with good design according to Mintel’s Global New Product Database.
Cans   Food companies may be moving away from metal cans as the only option for oxygen barriers among other preservation requirements. With clear plastic cans, consumers can not only see the quality of the product, but advances in PET and plastic blow molding mean that it’s also cost effective for manufacturers to implement into their systems.


Packaging Design Trends

Wine bottles   We’ve spoken beforeabout the importance of selecting the best, print ready film packaging for your application to make sure your designs stand out on the shelf.

So what designs will truly make your packaging stand out? Coca-Cola spent 2015 asking consumers to design their own bottles, leading the trend towards digital printing and customized packaging with their “Share a Coke” campaign.

Along with personalization is a trend towards authenticity in labelling. This means clearly labelled ingredients, stamps of approval (whether organic, artisanal goods, or clean product labels) along with simple, minimalistic design.


Industry News

Dow Chemical Co. and Dupont Co. are set to merge over the next 18 to 24 months. Their plastics units will have sales of $51 billion and will be controlled under a material sciences company Seventy-percent of these sales will come from packaging, transportation and construction.


More use for Recycled Plastic

recycling waste  

For those who are aware that multi-material flexible packaging can’t be recycled through traditional recycling programs, there are other sustainable options for you.

Companies such as TerraCycle continue to grow at the same rate (35%) as traditional programs did when they first took off. The company takes boxes full of multi-layered plastics and turns them into heavier plastics for use in things like park benches, coolers and bags among other products.

With 63% of Americans considering recyclable packaging as a key purchasing driver, this will no doubt help as the flexible packaging market continues to grow.

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